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How it Works


We collect piles of feed and seed sacks, as well as other consumer materials, and bring them to our shop.  Even the smallest backyard farmer has feed bags that can be repurposed into reusable shopping bags. 

feed sacks ready to be repurposed into bags. Blue Earth Bags


After collecting the bags from various locations they are sorted and clean.  We turn them inside out to wash and access them for damage. Most of the bags just have a little dust from the feed inside.  The bags are made from durable woven polypropylene. 

Blue Earth Bags repurposed feed sacks into shopping bags

The sacks are cut and sewn to the correct size and shape, the new bags are taking shape.

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Blue Earth Bags repurposes feed sacks into shopping bags

Color coordinating handles are applied.

Sewing feed sacks into shoppping bags. Blue Earth Bags

The bags are finished and ready to be used.

Blue Earth Bags feed sack bags
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