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About Blue Earth Bags


It’s a good thing. 

Blue Earth Bags is a local Maine company specializing in creating durable bags and totes from recycled feed sacks, coffee bean sacks, as well as other durable, gently used material.


It’s smart idea.

After acquiring and cleaning the material we design and create beautiful bags for everyday use. 


It’s a collaborative effort.

Between local farmers, businesses and like-minded, environmentally conscious folks we can put less waste into landfills and repurpose those materials into useful, everyday items.


It’s a win-win situation. 

We provide a quality product from recycled material that everyone can use instead of it being thrown away. We also donate a percentage of our sales to others in our community who are "doing good" too. It’s a win-win solution that keeps on going and keeps on giving.

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We're powered by the Sun

Our company Blue Earth Bags is completely off the grid. We are 100% solar powered, using renewable energy to recycle bags.

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